The App that brings life into your Onam Celebrations with a stunning collection of designs and their sketches for your Pookkalam.

Onam is a festival of happiness and marks the homecoming of the legendary King Mahabali. The carnival of Onam lasts for ten days and brings out the best of kerala culture and tradition.

Pookkalam is an intricate and coorful arrangement of flowers laid on the floor. Tradition of decorating Pookkalam is extremely popular in Kerala and is followed as a ritual in every household during the ten-day-long Onam celebrations. People believe their dear King Mahabali visits Kerala at the time of Onam and they prepare eloborate Pookkalams to welcome their most beloved King.

Inorder to add color to the celebration and to provide the best home coming present for King Mahabali we give you the Pookkalam App. Get stunning designs and to make it easier get their sketches as well.

Stunning Designs

The best designs for Pookkalam ever can be downloaded.

Included Sketches

Sketches of the designs are included to make designing easier,

Crisp & clear

All designs and sketches are crisp to the core.

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